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YK08 Office Smart Lock for Office Building

Multiple colors available

Semiconductor fingerprint head, security alarm system; aluminum alloy material, durable; data encryption to protect user data security; automatic locking when the door is closed; C-level anti-riot lock cylinder; anti-illegal black box cracking.

Unlocking method: fingerprint recognition, password, swiping card, mechanical key

Available colors: bronze, nano black

User capacity: support to store a total of 300 users (passwords, cards)

Main material: aluminum alloy

Power supply: No. 5 dry battery

Emergency power supply: 5V (Miceo USB)

Lock body type: 6068 national standard

Password length: 6-10 digits

Working temperature: -20°C-57°C

Working humidity: 20%-93%

Suitable door thickness: 50mm-140mm

Product size: 300x75x70mmx2

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YK08 Office Smart Lock for Office Building(图1)

YK08 Office Smart Lock for Office Building(图2)

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